rasso rottenfusser
circulum vitae circulum vitae circulum vitae circulum vitae

circulum vitae

solo exhibtions as of 2011

galerie smuc, rosenheim, oct / 2011
>nix ohne aussentrum 12/10.2-VII<,
private flat in sendling (together with H. Kirchlechner), sep / 2012
>linsen mit bayr. Grün an 5200 K 13/9.3-III aggregat<
art pavillion at old botanical gardens in munich (catalogue/ artist's book), mar / 2014
>biern i fori – 2/8.6-I abort<
"Das klohäuschen" at the central market hall, munich, oct / 2016
>über das neue 14/9.6-V.aggregat<
kunstbüro wäcker & graupner, munich. oct / 2016 to mar / 2017

group exhibitions as of 2013 (excerpt)

>mittellage 27/3.3-I aggregat<
ostrale dresden (catalogue) in 2013
>guazzabuglio 24/6.3-X<
"munich is drawing", galerie der künstler, munich (catalogue) in 2013
>monaconomad <– cooperation with a. determeyer, h. heindl, a. mitterer, o. westerbarkey
- kunst(at)sono 2013, - gallery royal munich 2014, - haus der kunst, 2017 (performance)

>o.T. 26/5.6-IV aggregat<
for the project "forms of living" between the centre of munich and the outskirts of berlin, together with folke köbberling, albert weis and katherina weishäupl, in 2016 in munich
>rally 57 9/11.6-VI aggregat< for the project "forms of living" (see above), in 2016 studio at hochhaus berlin
>o.t. cervelat 29/4.7 – VII aggregat< for the exhibition factor x, haus der kunst in 2017 in munich (catalogue)


born 1966 in munich

studies in munich and berlin (akademie der bildenden künste, hochschule der künste)

projekts, works and specific studies in bologna, paris, bankok, durban, barcelona, rome, venice, zürich etc.

lives in munich and near riva del garda


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